Hi, my name is Laura and I havent been on livejournal for over a year. I have put on so much weight and need to re gain control. I am looking for support and thinspo and hopefully I can find that here. Hope everyone is well and hope to meet some new people

Thanks for reading :)

Heyy (:

so im not sure if many people post on here or not but anywy..
Name: Nat
Why you're here: for support, Thinspertion and somewhere to get away from everything
Favorite thinspirational pictures:
Anything you want to add: im a dancer :D i hve been since i was 2. Its pretty much my life and the reason for my ED.
xxx (:
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good morning!

So I've recently become obsessed with lindsay lohan again.
im LOVING the way she is looking!

Here's a little inspiration to boost your day!

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ps i think we should have a contest soon! i need to get ready for the summer!
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I need opinions people. I'm thinking about re-doing the layout to the community. I love the one we have but we've had it since the beginning. What do you guys think? And if you want a new one, who do you want on the header? 

I'm master cleansing all this week. I love it because it's the one time I can fast and tell my family about it so they support me and help me. Feel free to join, I can post the "recipe" for the lemon water you're supposed to drink.

Pictures tomorrow

Skinny thoughts!